What are signs of nursing home negligence?

What are signs of nursing home negligence?

It’s difficult to help an aging parent transition to fully-assisted living. You may have researched nursing homes in your area for months before choosing a particular facility. Even after your parent has settled into a new residence, you might still feel anxious and worried about the quality of care. It’s understandable as there are many nursing home negligence incidents in Kentucky and elsewhere.

Sadly, many such incidents ultimately cause patient fatalities. That’s why it’s critical that you keep your eyes and ears open whenever you visit or talk to your loved one. At the same time, you should be able to reasonably expect that your loved one’s caregivers will act according to the highest accepted standards of care at all times. If that doesn’t happen, it’s imperative that you know where to seek support.

Signs of nursing negligence that should cause you concern

There are certain issues that definitely warrant further investigation regarding possible nursing home negligence. If you notice one or more issues on the following list at your loved one’s residence, his or her well-being may depend on taking swift action:

  • If he or she gets agitated in the presence of a staff member, it warrants further inquiry. Is your loved one afraid of the worker and if so, why?
  • Does your parent’s personal appearance seem disheveled? Personal hygiene assistance is a core component of nursing home care.
  • Did your loved one fall? How did it happen?
  • If you visit your parent and find him or her left unattended when officials have been instructed to supervise him or her at all times, it is a definite sign of substandard care.
  • Any marks on your parent’s body should raise serious concerns. Especially if he or she has broken a bone, suffered contusions or has bedsores, you have a right to seek answers as to why it has occurred.

Regarding bedsores, workers are supposed to help your loved one change positions frequently. There are stringent regulations that govern nursing home care to prevent patient injuries. Such sores can lead to nasty and, in some cases, life-threatening infections.

The bottom line

Never hesitate to inquire about your loved one’s care. If you have concerns, nursing home officials owe you an explanation. If you are not satisfied with the answers they give, you can take further steps and seek additional support to help you rectify a problem situation.

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