Kentucky travelers are endangered by cellphone addicts

Kentucky travelers are endangered by cellphone addicts

How often do you use your cellphone? Chances are, you know someone who has a serious cellphone addiction. Hopefully, it’s not you. Someone you live with, work with or travel with might be addicted to his or her cellphone. Not only can this cause great disruption in a person’s life, if someone feeds his or her addiction while driving, it places everyone nearby at risk for serious, if not fatal, injury.

You’ve likely witnessed a driver or two looking down at their cellphones instead of the road ahead. It can be quite disconcerting a sight, especially if the vehicle in question is headed in a path toward you or coming up behind you on the road. Cellphone addiction is a real problem in Kentucky and most other states, which is why it pays to know ahead of time where to seek support if a distracted driver on a cellphone hits you.

Addiction symptoms

Short of asking someone if he or she is addicted to cellphones, you can recognize cellphone addicts by the symptoms included in the following list:

  • Addicts tend to get defensive when questioned about their problem. If you know someone who gets upset or irritable when you question the amount of time he or she spends on a cellphone, there might be an addiction at hand.
  • If a cellphone addict loses access to his or her phone, it can set off frustration, irritability or depression.
  • Cellphone addicts keep using their phones even when it causes friction in personal relationships, at work or in social situations.
  • They also often disregard traffic laws prohibiting use of cellphones while driving.

Just as drug addicts or alcoholics become self-absorbed and seem to care more about their drug of choice than those who love and care about them, cellphone addicts exhibit similar behavior.

Distracted driving accidents that involve cellphones

Current data states that approximately one in eight people are addicted to cellphones. If you’re traveling on a Kentucky road and someone using a cellphone behind the wheel hits you, you might wind up in the hospital or unable to work, either temporarily or for the rest of your life.

State law allows accident victims to seek justice against those who cause others injury due to driving negligently. To do so, a recovering victim can file a personal injury claim in a civil court, requesting financial recovery for his or her losses.

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