Vasculitis can be easy to misdiagnose

Vasculitis can be easy to misdiagnose

Medical professionals in Kentucky and throughout the country could be misdiagnosing patients with vasculitis. This is because there are many signs that mimic the symptoms of this condition, and treating patients for vasculitis when they don’t actually have it could lead to negative consequences. It is not uncommon for an individual to present with what looks like vasculitis only to have cholesterol emboli or endocarditis instead.

If a patient presents with a fever, it is possible that he or she has endocarditis. Looking at a patient’s retina could help a doctor determine if that person has a cholesterol emboli. Finally, a patient may have a rare condition called reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome, or pseudovasculitis. Those who have it may experience symptoms like thunderclap headaches and signs that may point toward vasculitis. In many cases, adults who do have vasculitis develop the condition because they have taken drugs such as cocaine or amphetamine.

When medical professionals fail to take a person’s symptoms into consideration, it may be considered medical malpractice. The same could be true if a nurse or doctor failed to run a test or take a blood sample prior to making a diagnosis. Those who are incorrectly diagnosed may be treated for a condition that they don’t have, which could lead to a multitude of additional health problems.

Individuals who are harmed because of a doctor’s negligence might be able to take legal action. If a claim is successful, an injured patient may receive compensation for missed work, lost earnings and medical bills related to the error. An attorney may help clients learn more about their rights and how to protect them. Legal professionals may file lawsuits to comply with statutes of limitation even if the intent is to settle.

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