Were you involved in a Kentucky motor vehicle collision?

Were you involved in a Kentucky motor vehicle collision?

Kentucky roadways are sometimes far from safe. Any number of issues can increase your risk for injury while traveling by motor vehicle. Weather conditions, road conditions, whether you’re driving or riding as a passenger, and many other factors may have a significant impact on your ability to safely arrive to your chosen destination.

You might be the type of traveler who tries to avoid busy interstates. The only problem is that signs, traffic lights and other safety features are not always on rural roads. Ultimately, all you can do is adhere to traffic laws, stay alert and drive cautiously, then hope all other drivers nearby do the same. If not, you could wind up in a collision that results in serious injuries.

Severity of injury depends on type of collision

Not only does force of impact, speed and other factors affect how bad of an injury you might receive in a car accident, the type of collision also matters. There are several kinds of collisions that happen most often. In fact, it’s actually possible to simultaneously be involved in more than one.

If there’s only one vehicle involved in a collision incident, it’s not uncommon for speed to be a causal factor. If you’re riding in a car and the driver accelerates beyond the posted speed limit, you’re at risk for moderate to severe, perhaps even fatal, injuries.

Other types of collision that often result in injury

A vehicle hitting you from behind often causes sudden, severe jarring, which can result in a serious neck, brain or spinal injury. Such collisions often occur at intersections, traffic lights and stop signs. T-bone accidents occur when one vehicle slams into the side of another. This is also a common type of crash at intersections.

Even low-speed collisions can result in serious injury. If you’re walking in a parking lot, for instance, and a driver backs up without looking, you might suffer leg or back injuries, broken bones or even severe concussion if your head hits the pavement.

Seeking support, no matter what type of collision occurs

At the end of the day, what matters most is not the exact type of collision you were involved in but the type of support you obtain in the aftermath of the crash. First and foremost is the need for medical attention. Beyond that, you may need assistance from police, insurance agents, family members, friends or someone who can help you seek financial recovery for your losses.

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