What to know about drunk driving

What to know about drunk driving

Drunk driving results in thousands of deaths per year as well as billions of dollars in economic damages. In 2017, there was one drunk driving death every 48 minutes on average in Kentucky and throughout the country. In 2010, researchers attributed $44 billion in economic losses to individuals driving under the influence of alcohol. Driving after consuming alcohol is dangerous because it impairs a person’s ability to reason and process information.

Furthermore, consuming alcohol can have a negative impact on a person’s reaction time. The legal blood alcohol limit in all 50 states .08, and at this level and above, an individual is at a significantly higher risk of getting into an accident. Of course, it is possible for drivers to put themselves and others in danger even if their blood alcohol concentrations are lower than .08.

After one drink, a person has a blood alcohol concentration of about .02. At this point, he or she may feel slightly relaxed and have a harder time tracking moving objects. A person will generally reach the blood alcohol limit of .08 after four drinks, and it may be harder to concentrate or retain control over how muscles or other body parts operate. If a person has more than four drinks, it may be difficult for them to stand, and it’s possible for them to vomit or experience other symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

Those who are injured in a drunk driving accident may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. This may allow an individual to pay medical bills or make up for lost earnings caused by injuries experienced in an accident. An attorney may be able to show that another driver’s impairment was the proximate cause of the crash. This might indicate that the intoxicated person was negligent in causing the accident.

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