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Understanding electric scooter safety

Electric kick scooters have become popular in cities across America. The scooters came to neighboring Cincinnati last year and are expected to hit the streets in nearby Lexington in late October.

The new transportation devices have sparked controversy as their use has resulted in severe injuries for some riders and spectators. Because of this, scooter operators and pedestrians may want to take extra precautions.

Avoiding potential hazards

For those wanting to ride an electric scooter, they may want to consider the following to avoid harming themselves and others:

  • Wear appropriate protective gear: Users may want to consider wearing a helmet, shoulder pads and knee pads, and closed-toe shoes that have a tight grip.
  • Only ride in open areas: If the location seems too crowded, it may be best they ride the scooter elsewhere to avoid putting pedestrians in danger.
  • Stay off the roads: It can be crucial that scooters remain on the sidewalk to avoid automobile crashes.
  • Reduce speed: Electric kick scooters can operate at reasonably high speeds. According to a renowned industry site, they can travel between 20-30 mph. It may not seem very fast to some, but it’s best to accelerate sparingly.
  • Watch out for obstructions: Even if riders are following the rules by remaining on sidewalks or bike paths, there are still various hazards they should be aware of. Those can include potholes, construction projects, speed bumps and even flooding.

Awareness of surroundings is important

Electric scooters have made it more convenient for people to get around without a car. However, if riders and bystanders don’t pay attention to their environment, their negligence could have serious consequences. For those hurt in an electric scooter crash, an experienced personal injury attorney in Kentucky can help evaluate victim’s claims and get them the compensation they deserve.


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