Remember these 4 tips to avoid pedestrian accidents

Remember these 4 tips to avoid pedestrian accidents

As the weather starts to warm up, you’ll see more people heading out on and around the roads. You’ll see kids walking to school, people cycling and others enjoying the sporadic warm days between chilly ones.

With more people out, there is a higher risk of a pedestrian accident taking place. Fortunately, you and those you love can reduce the risk of these incidents if you have a good understanding of the hazards that are present.

How can you reduce the likelihood of being involved in a pedestrian accident? There are a few great tips that can help you avoid being involved in a pedestrian accident. Some include:

  1. Avoid talking on your phone or texting when you’re near the road. You need to be aware of your surroundings and be able to react if there is a vehicle approaching.
  2. Use crosswalks or intersections as your crossing point. If you cross far from an intersection, drivers may not be thinking to look for pedestrians.
  3. Stand out on dark, dreary or rainy days. Wear bright colors or reflectors to make sure that drivers can see you.
  4. Use the buddy system. Whenever you can, make yourself more visible by walking in a group. Drivers are more likely to see a group and to slow down when they see one crossing or using the road ahead of them.

These tips can help keep you safer on and around the roads. If a driver is still negligent or reckless and causes an accident, then you can pursue a claim against them. That claim may help you cover your financial losses as they came from the driver’s inappropriate actions.

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