How a car crash could result in the amputation of a limb

How a car crash could result in the amputation of a limb

Motor vehicle accidents can produce a broad range of injuries, including blunt force trauma injuries and penetrating injuries, where shrapnel or sharp pieces of a vehicle enter the body forcibly. Amputation injuries are so severe that they require the medical amputation of a limb after the accident and are more common than people might realize.

In fact, there are multiple ways in which a motor vehicle collision could result in the permanent loss of a limb or an extremity, such as an arm, leg, foot or hand.

Tearing, cutting or ripping injuries can immediately remove a body part

There are many sharp pieces in play during a car crash. Even the safety glass from the windshield can cause lacerations and cuts, to say nothing of the metal components of your vehicle and debris from outside the vehicles. The immediate force and trauma of a crash could cause a limb or extremity to get cut, torn or severed.

In some cases, depending on how clean the wound is and how quick the medical response is, reattachment is sometimes possible. Particularly for fingers and toes, it may be possible to reattach a severed body part and even retain some nerve function afterward. For others, the nerve or tissue damage caused by the amputation will preclude reattachment.

Crushing injuries and severely broken bones can also lead to amputation

Sometimes, a person leaves the scene of an accident with a body part intact and later has to have it removed for medical reasons. Extreme fractures where the bone breaks into multiple pieces or crushing injuries that cause extreme trauma to vascular tissue, bones and muscles may necessitate amputation to stem blood loss, prevent shock and otherwise stabilize the victim.

Many times, medical professionals will do whatever they can to save a limb, but in an emergency, they will err on the side of caution and performing amputation if they believe a patient’s life is at risk.

What compensation can you get for an amputation?

There’s no question that the loss of a limb or extremity can have a significant negative impact on your ability to perform your job or even take care of yourself on a daily basis. The exact compensation someone will receive after an amputation related to a car crash will depend on a variety of factors, including their contribution to the collision and the provable impact on someone’s earning potential.

For those who have physically demanding jobs, and amputation may end their career, necessitating more compensation than what someone in a remote or academic position could potentially collect, as they may be able to continue performing their job regardless of the injury.

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