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Is recovery from a spinal cord injury possible?

If you were to create a ranking of the most feared or severe injuries people can suffer in a major motor vehicle collision, spinal cord injuries are likely at the very top. Given that they produce dramatic effects on people’s motor function and lifestyle, spinal cord injuries are frightening. However, they are not always as hopeless as they seem.

With enough resources, certain kinds of spinal injuries allow for partial or even full recovery. Even permanent spinal cord injuries can still allow people to have an excellent standard of living once they acclimate to their new medical condition and make the necessary adjustments to their home and lifestyle.

Sometimes, people can recover from incomplete spinal cord injuries

Medical professionals typically use two different categories for spinal cord injuries. They first identify the vertebra at which the injury takes place. Typically, the body below the injury site will be drastically affected by the injury, potentially with a full loss of motor function and nerve sensation. The higher on the spine the injury, the more significant the impact.

The second qualifier that doctors look at is whether the injury is complete or incomplete. As the name implies, a complete spinal cord injury involves the full severing or cutting of the spinal cord, which is an injury that modern medicine cannot heal. However, incomplete injuries happen when someone suffers the pairing, cutting or pinching of the spinal cord in a manner that affects nerve function and mobility.

Depending on the number of factors, people can recover some or even all nerve and motor function after an incomplete spinal cord injury. The better your insurance and the more compensation you have available to you, the easier it will be for you to acclimate to a spinal cord injury by accessing the best support available. That is one reason why it is often wise to look into all of your options after a crash leaves you struggling with a serious injury.


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