Honest talk: Drivers do not look for runners

Honest talk: Drivers do not look for runners

Drivers spend most of their time watching traffic and looking for other cars. Those who are a bit more conscientious might put extra effort into looking for motorcycles and bicyclists. They may even look for pedestrians. But it often feels like they do not look for runners.

In Runner’s World, experts noted that the key is for people to run defensively. This means assuming that drivers do not see them and have not even looked for them. A runner may have the right of way at an intersection, for instance, and the walk signal may be in their favor. If a driver is turning through the intersection, however, they may never see the runner and hit them as they cross the street. The unfortunate truth is that runners have to anticipate these mistakes because they happen so often.

One potential issue that runners have is that they’re moving so quickly. That turning driver may glance at the sidewalk or the crosswalk to see that it is clear. They may see the runner coming toward the intersection, but they may assume that the runner is walking. They think they have time to get through. But the time they turn, though, the runner has jogged into the intersection.

Most often, though, drivers are just fixated on other traffic. They look at the road and not the sidewalk or the shoulder. Most people do not run in their spare time, so they never think of it. This oversight leads to a lot of accidents, and those who get injured must know how to seek compensation for their costs.

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