The dangers of truck underride crashes

The dangers of truck underride crashes

As each driver in Covington can attest, every car accident is an unfortunate thing, but some are more gruesome than others. When a passenger car collides with a semitruck and trailer, the scene can be particularly tragic. One of the most devastating kinds of traffic crashes in Kentucky and the United States is called a “truck underride.”

An underride occurs when a car hits the side or the rear of a semi and slides beneath the larger vehicle. The top of the car can be cut off by the semi, which reduces many of the car’s safety features to useless. Oftentimes, the passengers inside the car may be severely injured or killed.

According to government statistics, an average of 219 people died in the U.S. due to underride crashes each year from 2008 to 2017. That’s a small percentage of the total number of traffic crashes in the country, however, these cases are certainly horrifying. Due to the nature of an underride crash, it’s not unusual for the passengers to be beheaded even, since the car slams into the semi at neck level.

While it’s true that semis are required to have guards on the rear of the trucks to help prevent underrides, side guards are not yet required and relatively few semis have them.

Often, underrides aren’t the fault of car drivers. This type of crash can happen if a semi stops too suddenly for the car to stop in time. If the semi jackknifes, even if the car driver steps on the brakes, the car could still slide under the semi and tragedy could ensue.

Seek legal help when the worst happens

If you have been seriously harmed or had a loved one killed in a trucking accident such as an underride or other crash, the last thing your grieving family probably wants to think about is money. Nonetheless, the costs can add up — hospital bills, lost income from missed workdays and even funeral expenses. Talk to an experienced and compassionate Covington attorney who can fight on your behalf and help you get as much monetary compensation for your suffering as possible under Kentucky law.

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