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A-pillars lead to pedestrian accidents

When you think about the blind spots that a car has, you probably think of large vehicles and those dead zones near the back corners. It’s important to know that even small cars have blind spots, and some of them are right in front of the driver — especially as they relate to pedestrian accidents.

On the front of a car, on either side of the windshield, are the A-pillars. They’re the main supports. They have to hold up the frame of the car around the passenger compartment. Designers have to consider how strong a car is in the event of a rollover accident, so these pillars tend to be fairly thick.

The downside to this is that the pillars can block the driver’s view. This may not really matter when driving straight, as the driver looks between them, or when looking for other vehicles, since these vehicles are big enough to be clearly seen on either side of the pillars.

However, when a driver is turning through an intersection and a pedestrian is walking across the crosswalk on the opposite street, the pillar can completely block the pedestrian from view. The driver checks, thinks that the way is clear, and turns right into the person. The driver may think they appeared as if by magic. Meanwhile, the pedestrian can’t believe they got hit since they were in the crosswalk and right in front of the car the entire time.

While these accidents may leave drivers perplexed, they do need to understand their blind spots and take care to work around them. Pedestrians who get injured when they fail to do so may be able to seek financial compensation.


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