Help your child to become a safe pedestrian

Help your child to become a safe pedestrian

With schools to reopen soon, now is a great time to ensure your kids get to school safely. If your children walk some of the way, make sure they know how to do so safely. If they have not been out much recently, they may have forgotten how busy the roads can be.

These are some safety tips to keep your child safe while out walking:

  • Look three times: Look left, right, left before stepping out into a street. The last look is vital.
  • Walk in the appropriate place: Walk on the sidewalk, use pedestrian bridges and underpasses and cross at designated crossings.
  • Don’t run when crossing: If you do not have time to walk across the road, you need to wait. You are more likely to trip up if running.
  • Make eye contact: The moment you make eye contact with a driver, you become a human being to them, someone they do not want to hit. Until that point, for some drivers, you are a faceless pedestrian, an annoyance that slows down their journey.
  • Concentrate: If you have watched your child pour the milk onto the table instead of their cereal in the morning, you know it takes them a while to wake up. When out on the street, they need to be fully awake. They must take off their headphones and put away their phone to cross the road.

Teaching these skills can reduce the risk your child is hit by a car, but it can never eliminate it. Many car drivers are distracted when driving. If your child gets hit by a car, seek legal help.

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