How much will an amputation cost you throughout your life?

How much will an amputation cost you throughout your life?

Car crashes, machinery accidents and other traumatic circumstances could potentially result in someone losing a body part. Amputations are unquestionably some of the worst injuries possible.

After all, they mean that someone has suffered an injury so severe that it severed a body part or caused such substantial damage to the tissue that doctors can’t reliably salvage and treat the trauma. When someone loses an entire body part, they suffer an injury that will inevitably have implications for their quality of life, their health and long-term earning potential.

Amputation injuries are likely among some of the most expensive injuries as well as the most debilitating. How much of a financial impact does the average amputation have on a victim?

Lifetime costs of amputation exceed the costs of helping save an injured body part

If you were to casually consider the idea of amputation versus the cost that an individual might incur in an attempt to treat an injured body part, it might seem logical to believe that amputation would cost less in the long run. One may believe it’s more cost-effective than the medical interventions necessary to reattach a partially severed body part or address these traumatic injuries that put someone at risk of losing a it.

Many people feel shocked to learn that the opposite is true. The cost involved with attempting to salvage a severely injured body part hovers around $163,000. The lifetime cost of an amputation, conversely, typically exceeds half a million dollars according to data analysis.

Amputations impact your financial situation in several ways

Obviously, the medical care associated with an amputation is expensive. All the surgeries typically cost tens of thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the extended hospitalization people often require afterward.

Then there are the expenses associated with aftercare. Physical therapy, rehabilitative services, pain management and other necessary treatments may have to continue for years or the entire life of the victim.

Beyond this, you may find yourself in the scenario where retrofitting in your house to make it more accessible becomes necessary, which is also an expensive endeavor. Finally, those who undergo an amputation procedure will have to adjust to reduced earning potential, especially if they previously worked in a physical industry.

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