If you’re traveling in busy traffic, take action to avoid a crash

If you’re traveling in busy traffic, take action to avoid a crash

Living in Covington, you know how rough it can be to drive to your job in Cincinnati each day. Interstate 75 is always backed up and has several lanes of traffic filled with vehicles of all kinds. Thanks to having to cross the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, which you might know as the Cincinnati-Covington Bridge, is an issue, because if you don’t get into the correct lane, you could end up driving the wrong way when entering into Ohio.

One of the things you can do to stay safer in this area and to get where you intend to go is to pay attention. Getting distracted by a phone call, a discussion with someone in your vehicle or outside factors could end up causing you to miss your exit and potentially cause a traffic collision.

When you enter the several hundred feet before the bridge, try to get into the correct lane. If you want to go to the right, you’ll want to be in one of the two right-hand lanes. If you plan to go to the left, move over early to avoid having to cross lanes while you’re on the bridge.

The trick with this area is that traffic is always heavy, but it does lessen once exits start appearing. As you approach the bridge, vehicles should begin exiting the roadway, making it easier to maneuver. Use your turn signal and be prepared to slow down or stop for slowing traffic as you enter Ohio.

Pay attention to the road and any construction signs. On the bridge, look down. You’ll see the information about the road you’re on painted below.

Take your time around this area, so you can avoid a crash. Try your best to stay in lane and to move over or merge as soon as possible to give others time to see how you want to maneuver.

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