Multiple crashes lead to deaths and injuries after storm in Northern Kentucky

Multiple crashes lead to deaths and injuries after storm in Northern Kentucky

Wet roads can be a serious problem for drivers, so it’s vital that you slow down and drive in accordance with the conditions whenever you can. Unfortunately, several people were hurt on I-275 because of a rain shower that had caused pooling on the roads, the police suspect.

When the roads are slick, a single car crash can set off a chain reaction. In this story, three people ended up being killed as a result of collisions following a series of storms.

The crashes happened near the Indiana-Kentucky border at around 8:30 a.m. Initially, it was just a single-vehicle crash, but after it, two people were killed. The police reported that no one died in the initial collision, but the driver of that vehicle and another were killed in a second collision involving their vehicles, a Chevy Trailblazer and a Ford F-150. The drivers of the Jeep and Camaro were killed. Another driver was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The authorities did report that wet roads played a role in the crash. Another vehicle crash around an hour later was reportedly caused by the same road conditions.

If you have to drive in wet conditions, remember that you may need to slow down. Around half of all weather-related crashes are a result of rain, which mix with oils on the roads and make them slick. Slow down the moment you notice that it’s starting to rain, and avoid hitting any standing water on roadways. Hitting standing water, like puddles, can lead to you hydroplaning, which can cause a crash with serious or fatal injuries.

Be cautious when you drive, and remember to always consider the weather conditions when you’re maneuvering. Doing so could help save your life and protect others.

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