Don’t take a moment for granted when behind the wheel

Don’t take a moment for granted when behind the wheel

Not every motor vehicle accident results in serious injury, but it’s something that should be on your radar. The sooner you’re treated for any type of injury, the better chance you have of making a fast and full recovery.

Understanding the most serious types of motor vehicle accident injuries will allow you to take the appropriate action in the immediate aftermath. Here are five injuries to beware of:

  • Traumatic brain injury: Any brain injury requires immediate treatment, as the sooner you’re stabilized the better chance you have of minimizing damage and making a full recovery. Examples of a traumatic brain injury include bleeding on the brain and a fractured skull.
  • Broken bones: Any bone in your body can break in an accident, from your feet all the way up to your skull and facial structure. These injuries are painful and have the potential to cause long-term trouble with your health.
  • Amputation: Depending on the type and severity of the accident, you could lose one or more limb. Should this happen, your life will immediately change. You’ll find that you’ll need to learn how to live again.
  • Burns: If your vehicle catches on fire as a result of the accident, burns on a large portion of your body are possible. In addition to severe pain, burn injuries can call for many surgeries as well as permanent disfigurement.
  • Neck and back injuries: For example, a fracture of your neck or back can result in paralysis. And even if you don’t suffer the most serious of injuries, you could still find yourself in pain as the result of a herniated disc or strain.

There’s a lot happening after a motor vehicle accident, but your attention should turn to your health, injuries and the steps you can take to obtain immediate medical treatment.

Doing this gives you the best chance possible of making a full recovery. It also helps from a legal perspective, as you want to have a clear understanding of your injuries, treatment plan and long-term prognosis.

Once your health is stable, turn your attention to your legal rights and how to hold the negligent party responsible.

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