When a simple broken bone from a crash leads to permanent injury

When a simple broken bone from a crash leads to permanent injury

In the broad spectrum of potential motor vehicle crash injuries, a broken bone may not seem as serious as other potential injuries a person could suffer. Depending on the severity of the break, the bone affected and the health of the individual, a broken bone may only require a cast and a few months of rest to heal.

Some fractures are worse than others, however, and no one should assume that recovery from an injury will be easy. Even the simplest and cleanest broken bone from a car crash could result in a medical condition that has long-term implications for your ability to work and your quality of life.

Traumatic injuries can sometimes lead to nerve problems

For some fraction of people who have a broken bone, something will go wrong during the healing process. Instead of feeling better as their body recovers, they start to experience worsening pain, loss of strength and decreased range of motion.

These individuals may have an incurable condition known as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Those with CRPS will likely have to endure deep, burning pains in the affected area. They may notice changes in skin temperature, as well as changes in the color or texture of their skin, nails and hair. The symptoms can increase over time for some people.

While there are treatments available for CRPS, those impacted by this condition may struggle to care for themselves on a daily basis and remain gainfully employed. Knowing how your injury will impact your life before you accept a settlement or finalize your insurance claim is very important. Those who have debilitating conditions after a car crash, like CRPS, may need to consider pursuing compensation because of how the injury will affect them.

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