How do drowsy truckers put other drivers at risk?

How do drowsy truckers put other drivers at risk?

Kentucky drivers like you may hit the road without getting quite enough sleep sometimes. You may think this is no big deal. After all, everyone drives a little tired every now and then, right? 

In reality, drowsy driving is one of the most dangerous types of distracted driving behaviors. This is especially true for truckers, who often cause other drivers like you enormous problems on the road. 

Truckers more susceptible to drowsy driving

Sleep Foundation looks at the impact of drowsy driving through the lens of the trucking industry. First, truckers are more susceptible to drowsy driving than the average driver. According to one study which examined 80 truckers across the United States and Canada, truckers got an average of less than 5 hours of sleep a night. This is far below the safe threshold. Not only that, but drowsy driving is reportedly behind up to an estimated half of all deadly trucking accidents that result in a trucker’s death. 

Trucker vs. non-trucker fatalities

The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration says that for every one trucker killed, 3 to 4 other drivers die, too. This is because of the size and weight of a truck. They easily overpower any other vehicle on the road. If you go up against a semi-truck, chances are you are going to be the one suffering from the worst damage. 

One of every six deadly crashes happens due to drowsy driving. This is 16.5 percent of all deadly traffic accidents. From this alone, it is clear that drowsy driving is not an issue to take lightly. It is one that could threaten your very life. 

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