The 3 types of driver distraction

The 3 types of driver distraction

When you get into your car to drive, it is illegal for you to use your cellphone to text as your car is in motion. According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, House Bill 415 banned texting and driving for drivers of all ages, but those over the age of 18 can still use their cellphones to get directions or enter telephone numbers to make a call. 

Although cellphone use and driving is dangerous, any type of driver distraction makes a serious accident more likely. Here are the three main types of driver distraction that can increase your changes of getting into a car accident. 

1. Manual distraction

Any time you take your hands off of the steering wheel when your car is in motion, you become manually distracted. For example, manual driver distraction occurs when you take your hand off of the steering wheel to change the radio station. 

2. Cognitive distraction

Cognitive distraction happens when you stop focusing on driving. For instance, you can become cognitively distracted when you completely focus on your podcast and stop paying attention to the road in front of you. 

3. Visual distraction

Any time you take your eyes off the road, you become visually distracted. If, for example, you look at your back seat to find something when you drive, you become a visually distracted driver. 

You can reduce cognitive, visual and manual distractions by taking care of tasks before you pull out of your parking spot. You may also want to try putting your cellphone in your glove compartment before you start driving. 

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