1 killed in rollover near West Point

1 killed in rollover near West Point

Some people may believe the issue of liability in a single-car accident in Kentucky to be a moot point. This is likely to the assumption that a driver maintains responsibility for their own actions, and any passengers in such accident accepted any risks that subsequently arose when they agreed to travel in the vehicle. 

Yet this overlooks the responsibility that a driver has to those who entrust them with their safety. Not only does that responsibility mandate that they avoid any purposeful reckless or negligent actions, but that they also aid those in need if and when an accident occurs. 

Louisville authorities seek driver of car involved in rollover crash

The failure to render such aid may result in both criminal charges and civil liability. That could potentially be what a man faces after fleeing the scene of a rollover accident near West Point. WDRB.com reports that the vehicle involved overturned after leaving the road while approaching the intersection of Dixie Highway and Stites Station Road. The crash saw a female passenger ejected from the vehicle; first responders pronounced her dead at the scene. The driver fled on foot and remains at large. Authorities do not yet know what caused the rollover. 

Civil liability in conjunction with criminal matters

One might assume that the driver in this particular case (and others like it) might certainly face criminal charges. Anyone affected by an accident like this may believe that should they wish to seek legal action, they must first wait for the criminal proceedings to play out. Yet that is not the case; officials allow for concurrent civil and criminal actions related to the same matter. Anyone seeking compensation through a lawsuit in such a situation may want to first secure a source of reliable legal representation. 

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