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Age and deadly pedestrian accidents

Whether you are the parent of a young child, an older adult or a pedestrian of any age, it is important to understand the risks that are present on the road. Sadly, many pedestrians are struck by vehicles while walking and some of these accidents prove fatal. Even when pedestrian accident victims survive, many face debilitating hardships, such as serious financial problems, high levels of pain, the inability to work and mental trauma. 

It is helpful to review statistics on age and pedestrian fatalities in order to identify age groups that are especially vulnerable and take steps to avoid an accident. 

Data on older adults and young pedestrian accident victims

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20% of kids who were under 15 years old and lost their lives in traffic accidents during 2017 were pedestrians. Moreover, the CDC reports that those 65 and over made up for 20% of all pedestrian fatalities during 2017. Among pedestrians who suffered injuries in 2017, it is estimated that 10% were 65 and over. From speeding to distractions and drunk driving, there are many reasons why drivers collide with pedestrians. 

Other statistics on pedestrian accidents

Aside from age, it is important for pedestrians to review other factors associated with accidents. For example, the CDC states that more pedestrians lose their lives at night and in urban areas. Moreover, 47% of deadly pedestrian accidents involved alcohol. In 2017, estimates suggest that 137,000 pedestrians required emergency treatment due to accidents and 5,977 lost their lives. Moreover, pedestrians are more likely to pass away in accidents than those riding in vehicles. 


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