Why Is It Important To Give a Truck Driver Ample Space?

Why Is It Important To Give a Truck Driver Ample Space?

Taking safety precautions around all drivers is important. And changing up some habits can protect you from worst-case scenario when there are large trucks present.

If you’re already a cautious driver, you might think that there isn’t much else you can do to adjust or correct your behaviors on the road. But it’s worth checking in to see if you fully understand why driving near commercial trucks is different than driving near motor vehicles that are slightly smaller or larger than your car.

Stay in your lane

Knowing how to position yourself safely among large commercial vehicles can be a life-saving action. The Kentucky driving manual outlines that the minimum following distance between vehicles is three seconds. However, because a truck is larger, a truck driver’s blind spots are larger. This means it will be in your best interest to increase your following distance when you come across trucks.

Specifically, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlines that a truck driver can’t see motorists that are within 30 feet from the back of their vehicle. So, it’s essential to distance yourself, as it can takes much longer for heavy commercial vehicles to come to a complete stop. It’s also crucial to take extreme care when passing trucks, because a truck has blind spots extending one full lane on the left side and two full lanes on the right side.

Undivided attention

Alertness, in all aspects, is a key ingredient to preventing an accident with a truck. Always knowing who is driving in your vicinity is going to help you decide if you need to pull back and give a truck some room to maneuver and pass only when it’s safe to do so.

If you or a someone close to you is a recent truck accident victim, despite being careful, then it’s important to seek medical attention and review compensation options. No one is deserving of the pain of a collision, but it might be possible to receive justice.

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