Who Is Responsible For The Expenses Resulting From a Dog Attack?

Who Is Responsible For The Expenses Resulting From a Dog Attack?

Kentucky’s laws hold dog owners strictly liable for injuries and property damage caused by a bite or an attack. If a canine harms you, your children or your property, you may file a legal action against its owner to seek relief. 

Nearly one out of five individuals bitten by a dog needs medical care, as reported by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. A dog attack may result in an ambulance trip to a hospital, a rabies shot or an emergency surgical procedure. 

What type of compensation may a bite victim receive?

When a dog bites you or a family member, seeking emergency treatment is essential regardless of its cost. Canine saliva may contain harmful bacteria called Capnocytophaga, which may cause sepsis if untreated. According to the CDC, the bacteria may spread to humans through either a dog’s scratches or bites. Obtaining immediate medical care may prevent a serious infection. 

It may help to hold the animal’s owner responsible for injuries if you save any and all medical bills you receive. A court may order the dog’s owner to provide compensation for all medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and any prescriptions required to heal from the attack. 

How might a dog’s breed determine the outcome of a claim?

A dog’s breed generally does not predict whether it will go on an attack. Any household animal may bite as a result of a perceived or genuine provocation, and you may still seek damages from its owner. Kentucky’s Kenton County local Ordinance No. 840.11, however, categorizes any dog as “vicious” if it bites more than once during the same attack. 

Regardless of the breed or categorization, all dog owners must control their pets while out in public. An owner may have breached a duty of care if he or she lost control of a dog or it broke free from its leash. 

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