What Are The Signs Of a Concussion After a Crash?

What Are The Signs Of a Concussion After a Crash?

After a car, truck or motorcycle crash, you may notice odd symptoms and intense pain coming from your head. 

Serious brain injuries, such as concussions, often are not obvious right away. Knowing the signs of a concussion can help you avoid worse medical complications later on. 

Mental signs

According to the Mayo Clinic, fogginess or cloudiness of the mind is a common sign that you may be experiencing brain trauma. Some people even deal with bouts of amnesia directly after the accident. If you feel like you are not yourself, or forget who you are or what you are doing at any given time, you may need medical help. 

Physical signs

Continual vomiting or dealing with blurry vision can leave you feeling drained and tired. You could hear ringing in your ears or even lose your sense of taste days after an accident. Trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep can also be a sign of a concussion. 

Some signs are more noticeable to people around you than to yourself. For example, if a loved one tells you that you appear to have slurred speech or odd responses to questions, it may be because of complications from the accident. 

Emotional signs

Increased irritability and loss of concentration may signal you are dealing with a problem other than mere anxiety regarding a vehicle accident. Some people notice they feel more depressed, and even note extreme changes in their mood. Many symptoms of concussions may not appear directly after a crash, so it is important to stay alert if you notice anything strange. 

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