What Do I Do After a Hit-And-Run?

What Do I Do After a Hit-And-Run?

If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of any variety of automobile accidents, staying calm is paramount. However, controlling your emotions in the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident can be very difficult.

While watching the other party involved in your accident speed away is angering, you must stay on the scene. According to State Farm, you should focus on documenting the accident yourself and speaking to any eyewitnesses.

What should I document?

The nuts and bolts of a hit-and-run accident are not very different from the normal variety where the other party is still present. You must move your car out of the path of traffic if necessary. You should call 911 if anybody has sustained an injury as a result of the accident. If not, call the non-emergency police number to start a police report for the accident.

You can further your self-documentation by taking photos of the accident and the area surrounding it if you have a smartphone or digital camera.

How can eyewitnesses assist?

The majority of people carry phones with cameras. It is possible that a savvy eyewitness may have taken video footage of the other party as he or she left the scene. If an eyewitness has photographic evidence of the driver or, even better, the license plate of the car, it will be much easier for the police to locate the culprit.

Eyewitnesses are also the reason why you should not drive off after the culprit. If the eyewitnesses see you both cars driving off after the accident, both of you will seem equally culpable. If you stay put, the police report will be more in your favor.

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