How Can Road Rage Cause Truck Accidents?

How Can Road Rage Cause Truck Accidents?

As the owner of a smaller car, you may notice trucks around you intruding on your space as you drive down the highway.

This situation can be even more terrifying when a truck driver exhibits signs of road rage. From tailgating to running you or other people off the road, road rage can cause severe accidents.

Ignoring traffic laws

According to Psychology Today, one way some truck drivers may show they are unhappy is by following your bumper closely. This is commonly known as tailgating, which is a common factor in accidents or crashes.

Those dealing with road rage may also run red lights or stop signs during their pursuit. Trucks have a smaller turning radius than cars, which means it is harder to avoid another vehicle if the driver needs to make a sudden stop.


While speeding is always dangerous, especially on a busy road or highway, it can become even deadlier when a truck operator decides to disobey the law. There generally needs to be a greater space between a car and truck than two cars on the road.

Not only does speeding make it hard for truck drivers to maintain a proper distance, but it also makes it hard for them to see you on the road. All trucks have blind spots on both sides of the vehicle and in the back.

Aggressive actions

Truck drivers that attempt to ram into other cars or even exit their vehicles in order to confront you physically can leave you feeling intimidated and scared. Even gestures such as giving someone else “the finger” or yelling out a window can add to this feeling. Unpredictable or aggressive driving from trucks on the road puts you at risk for a severe injury.

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