What Should You Do If You Suspect a Cancer Misdiagnosis?

What Should You Do If You Suspect a Cancer Misdiagnosis?

Initially hearing that you have cancer can be some of the most challenging information that you could listen to throughout your life. Once you receive your diagnosis, you probably expect that it must be true. Unfortunately, given the complexity of a cancer diagnosis, misdiagnosis does happen. 

WebMD has some advice on how to handle a misdiagnosis. 

How can you fix it?

If you feel as though your doctor misdiagnosed you for any reason, then you should have a second opinion as soon as possible. If you have a rare cancer, feel your doctor does not take it seriously enough or if he or she does not have certainty in your diagnosis, you should seek another diagnosis. 

Keep all of the copies of your medical records. You should have your hospital stays, pathology reports, and all treatments you underwent due to the misdiagnosis. 

How could this happen?

If you find out that the physician did not diagnose you, you may be wondering how it could happen. Cancer is a tricky condition and can appear like other diseases if certain rare cancer forms may wind up ignored entirely by the physician. Some cancers doctors may have less experience with and so they do not learn the proper way to perform a diagnosis or treatment. 

If a doctor does not take your case seriously or if he or she pays little attention, your misdiagnosis could be due to negligence on behalf of your caregiver. The hospital bills and delay of the proper treatment can cause an economic strain on you and your family. 

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