What Is The Impact Of Drowsiness On Drivers?

What Is The Impact Of Drowsiness On Drivers?

As a driver, you are aware that some behaviors pose a greater danger to the overall safety of the road than others. Distracted driving behaviors often fall into this category, as they impact many people on the road at once.

Among these behaviors, drowsy driving continues to rank up near the top of the biggest risks drivers face. Why is it such a huge issue?

Why is drowsiness common?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention take a look at how drowsiness affects driver safety. Drowsiness is one of the easiest bad driving habits for a driver to get in for many reasons. First, it does not involve the ingestion of any substances as intoxicated driving does. Second, it is more normalized than intoxicated driving or even texting while driving. Many people in the workplace consider drowsy driving a necessity of a very crammed modern style of living.

Hurdles drowsy drivers face

Third, though drowsiness does not involve substances, it still holds similarities with intoxicated driving. For example, drowsy drivers often struggle to concentrate and focus. Their reflexes and coordination suffer. They often cannot react to dangers even if they spot them, and sometimes they do not notice these dangers at all.

Fourth, drowsy drivers struggle with the unique risk of falling asleep at the wheel. This completely removes any and all ability one might have to otherwise react to dangers around them. In fact, most of the worst crashes happen when a driver falls asleep.

Campaigns continue to push for awareness of the risks of drowsy driving. In the meantime, it is up to each driver to monitor their own behavior and stay as safe as possible.

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