Steer Clear Of The Most Fatal Accidents In Construction

Steer Clear Of The Most Fatal Accidents In Construction

Construction accidents are some of the most devastating. With the potential for catastrophic damage, injures suffered on the construction site may prove life-altering.

Like many on-the-job accidents, many that occur on a construction site are preventable. Understanding how fatal accidents occur may help construction companies and workers improve safety standards on job sites, so everyone stays safe.


The top cause of construction fatalities is falling. When a worker climbs to any height, the possibility of falling exists. Those from unstable ladders and scaffolding may not only result in lasting back injuries but bone fractures and possible traumatic brain injury. Ensuring that workers wear the proper safety gear and that equipment is stable may help mitigate falls.


When excavating, the possibility of a cave-in exists. Crush injuries may occur when a trench collapses with workers inside. Ensuring that workers inside excavations have the proper protective system in place is crucial to safety. Methods such a shoring and sloping also help keep trenches stable.


The construction site is replete with tools and hit wires. When a worker inadvertently contacts a live wire, electrocution may occur. In addition, workers should inspect their work areas regularly for standing water as this conducts electrical currents. Construction sites should also provide the proper safety gear, such as rubberized boots and gloves to help prevent electrocution injuries.


Heavy equipment on construction sites may prove detrimental to workers. The risk of getting hit increases if bright clothes are not worn and those operating the machinery are not properly trained. A worker may also become stuck between a machine and a hard surface, resulting in crush injuries.

Construction workers need to remain diligent while working to ensure they return home safely every day.

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