Common Causes Of Motorcycle Crashes

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Crashes

Remaining safe while cruising through Kentucky on your motorcycle is a priority. Some of the most common crashes involving bikes may surprise you.

When it comes to ensuring your ride ends safely at your destination, remaining diligent is vital. Understanding some of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes may go a long way in staying safe while enjoying the journey.

Crashes at intersections

Most motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, usually while a car is turning. Intersections cause a line-of-sight issue between manufactured and natural obstacles. When approaching an intersection, a good practice to adopt is pausing for an extra beat or two. This time may provide you more of a chance to see speeding vehicles before they see you.

Alcohol-related incidents

Some of the deadliest motorcycle crashes do not involve other vehicles. The leading cause of single-motorcycle crashes is alcohol. Driving a car while under the influence is dangerous enough, but if you hop on your bike and attempt to get home, you may set yourself up for serious injuries and death. The loss of balance and judgment after consuming alcohol makes an accident more likely.

Lane-splitting crashes

Kentucky law does not prohibit lane splitting, but it also does not allow it. This gray area may make it difficult to establish fault if you find yourself in a crash while going between lanes. The safer practice is to remain patient and go with the flow of traffic in the entire lane. Lane splitting is a dangerous practice that leads to slides and collisions.

Drivers of cars and large trucks need to remain vigilant about watching out for motorcycle riders. However, you can help ensure that you arrive at your destination without incident with more care and attention.

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