How You Act At Intersections Can Affect The Chances Of a Crash

How You Act At Intersections Can Affect The Chances Of a Crash

Intersections are one of the most dangerous points of any journey. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), over half of all crashes happen at them.

The reason intersections are so dangerous is that you have a conglomeration of vehicles going in different directions all at once. Most of your driving happens in the company of traffic flowing in the same direction, not when it’s going up to four different ones.

Act with caution to stay safe at intersections

Most intersection accidents could be avoided if all drivers took more care. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do not second guess other drivers: Assuming a driver will follow the rules and stop when their light goes red is asking for trouble. If you are going to assume anything, assume they may not.
  • Pay attention: If you use the time at the lights to check your phone, you temporarily transport yourself to another place. You then need to snap back into the present when the lights change. If you sit and look around you, you will better understand the vehicles around you.
  • Check then check again: Traffic changes fast at a junction, and a second check doubles your chances to spot something.
  • Slow down: Speeding up to make it before the light changes is dangerous. If a vehicle does the reverse and jumps early before the light has changed, you could collide with each other. It will take you far longer to get to your destination if you crash than if you wait at the lights.

Despite acting with care at junctions, a car crash may still happen because another driver did not take sufficient care. Holding them responsible for their negligence will be crucial to claim the compensation you need to cover your losses.

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