Motorists play a key role in keeping motorcyclists safe

While more than 100,000 Kentuckians own registered motorcycles, more than a half a million own a car. It is possible that many individuals fall on both lists as both a

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Were you involved in a Kentucky motor vehicle collision?

Kentucky roadways are sometimes far from safe. Any number of issues can increase your risk for injury while traveling by motor vehicle. Weather conditions, road conditions, whether you’re driving or

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Kentucky travelers are endangered by cellphone addicts

How often do you use your cellphone? Chances are, you know someone who has a serious cellphone addiction. Hopefully, it’s not you. Someone you live with, work with or travel

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What are signs of nursing home negligence?

It’s difficult to help an aging parent transition to fully-assisted living. You may have researched nursing homes in your area for months before choosing a particular facility. Even after your

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If your Kentucky surgeon causes you to suffer injury

There are any number of issues that cause you to need surgery. Knowing that you have a skilled, experienced surgeon to handle your situation definitely helps alleviate stress. If he

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