Police Defense Cases

Defending Police Officers In Excessive Force Cases in Covington, Kentucky

At Taliaferro, Carran & Hampton, PLLC, we provide police officers, police departments and other government agencies in Kentucky and Ohio with a vigorous defense against Section 1983 claims.

The presence of these claims can be extremely damaging whether or not they are successfully prosecuted. Our Covington police defense lawyers strive to resolve these claims efficiently in order to protect the reputations and budgets of our clients. We have helped numerous departments achieve successful results and are prepared to minimize your exposure during this difficult time.

Excessive Force Lawsuit Defense In Southern Ohio And Northern Kentucky

Section 1983 claims against police officers and police departments most often stem from allegations of excessive force and police brutality. We provide thorough representation against these claims as well as claims involving allegations of discrimination, negligent actions, sexual abuse and harassment.

Whether the best course of action is negotiation or mediation, or providing an aggressive defense at trial, we are equipped to protect the interests of our clients in all settings in order to protect their rights.

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The first step in a successful Section 1983 defense is discussing your situation with a knowledgeable attorney. Contact our Covington criminal defense lawyers today to arrange a discreet, confidential consultation to learn more.

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