Cable Firm Must Pay Crash Victim

Cable Firm Must Pay Crash Victim

$6 million awarded for driver’s act

Thursday, June 4, 1998

The Cincinnati Enquirer

COVINGTON — A federal jury awarded $6 million Wednesday to an Illinois woman who sued TKR Cable of Northern Kentucky over a traffic accident three years ago that killed her husband.

Dorothy Scheve, 62, of Prospect Heights, Ill., claimed a driver for TKR was negligent when he failed to stop at the intersection of Weaver Road and Ky. 3503 in Boone County and collided with the couple’s car. Jeremy Jones, the driver, also died in the Nov. 11, 1995, collision.

“I’m happy, but it still won’t bring my husband back. . . . It doesn’t cover my pain and suffering, either,” said Mrs. Scheve, who was in a coma for 4 1/2 months.

Mrs. Scheve’s husband, Edward, died from his injuries. The couple was in Northern Kentucky visiting Mrs. Scheve’s mother when the accident occurred.

She sued for compensation for her $360,000 in medical expenses and punitive damages. On the advice of her lawyers, Mrs. Scheve was not in U.S. District Court in Covington on Wednesday and did not attend most of the trial because graphic pictures of the accident were shown.

Mike Withiam, regional general manager for InterMedia Capital Partners, said he is not sure whether the company will appeal the decision. “This is just another step in what has been a very tragic situation for everybody involved,” he said.

Mrs. Scheve uses a walker and can no longer baby-sit for her young grandsons or follow the plot of a movie or book, she said. She also has several scars and pins in her body, and she cannot straighten her left hand, which trembles when she picks anything up.

The couple had planned a world tour together before the accident. “We both were retired, so we liked to travel a lot. I can’t do that anymore,” said Mrs. Scheve.

Attorneys Cindy Shirooni and Phil Taliaferro, who represented Mrs. Scheve, said the amount was significant.

“I think this injury … dramatically affected her quality of life, for a lifetime,” Ms. Shirooni said.

Jane Prendergast contributed to this story.

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