KY Verdicts: ‘Kentucky Trial Court Review’ for Mar. 2006

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

21 jury verdicts reported – 2 federal; 19 state courts.

Three million dollar verdicts; 10 defense verdicts; 1 threshold verdict.

Largest verdict reported was in federal court from a truck accident for $8,706,279

  • Plaintiff’s lawyers: Philip Taliaferro and Lucinda Schirooni of Covington; Robert Blau of Cold Spring.
  • Defense lawyers: Alan Maxwell and David Dial of Atlanta, GA; Leslie Vose and Daniel Murner of Landrum and Shouse of Lexington.
  • Verdict: $8,706,279
  • Case: Truck driver choked on hot coffee, lost consciousness, and crossed the center line of the interstate killing a young mother and her ten-month old son. $2.7 million of the verdict was a loss of consortium claim for the mother’s surviving children.
  • At stake was the blackout defense. A summary trial had been conduct earlier with the jury panel was split into two groups – one accepted it was an accident with the other holding the trucker liable for $6 million. However, this shadow trial did not settle the case.
  • This is a federal case, and we were going to post some of the documents from ‘Pacer’ but none were posted. Should we receive an emailed ‘PDF’ on any of the significant documents (complaint, answer, instructions, verdict), we will post

Source: Kentucky Law Review