When Maintenance Issues Lead To Accidents

When Maintenance Issues Lead To Accidents

Regular maintenance of a truck is important. Regular maintenance ensures that a tractor-trailer is not only safe to drive, but also does not present any unnecessary risks to others on the road. Trucking companies, truck owners and drivers all play a role in ensuring a vehicle is well-maintained. Unfortunately, they don’t always uphold their responsibilities.

When trucking companies and others cut corners, serious accidents can occur. The lawyers of Taliaferro, Carran & Hampton, PLLC, have unique and extensive experience in truck accident cases. They understand where to look for negligence and how to prove that it occurred in order to obtain the compensation you need to recover. We serve accident victims in Covington and throughout Northern Kentucky.

Three Common Maintenance Problems

While many types of maintenance problems can lead to a serious accident, some are more common than others:

  1. Faulty brakes: There is no question that functioning brakes are necessary to make a truck safe to drive. Tractor-trailers often carry thousands of pounds of cargo. Stopping that much weight requires well-maintained brakes. When companies and truck owners fail to have brakes regularly checked, accidents can happen.
  2. Tire problems: For the same reason that trucks need well-maintained brakes, they also need strong tires. However, truck drivers and others don’t always take the time to inspect tires for wear and tear and proper air pressure before heading out on the road.
  3. Light problems: Visibility is extremely important for trucks and motorists who share the road with them. When lights are not working as they should — whether it is the headlights, brake lights or others — it puts everyone on the road at risk.

How We Can Help

Our team of attorneys has decades of experience representing truck accident victims. They know where to look for proof that the trucking company, driver or both were negligent, and they will fight to seek the compensation you deserve.

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