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Swimming Pool Accidents

Many communities in Northwest Kentucky have laws governing residential and public swimming pool safety. Property owners and communities are required to ensure visitors using the pool are safe from unreasonable hazards and unsafe conditions.

If you or a member of your family suffered an injury or wrongful death while using a residential or public pool in a community in Northwest Kentucky, call Taliaferro, Carran & Hampton, PLLC, in Covington. We are a plaintiff’s personal injury litigation firm with a strong record of helping people recover full and fair compensation for injuries suffered as a result of property owner negligence. Our record of successful insurance settlements and jury verdicts includes damages in millions of dollars. We will review specific laws the community may have in effect and determine whether you and your family have the right to bring a lawsuit for compensation.

Community regulations regarding residential swimming pool accidents may include:

  • Adult supervision
  • Proper drain and filter installation and maintenance
  • A minimum 6-foot-high fence surrounding the immediate pool area
  • Proper deck maintenance to prevent hazardous walking conditions
  • Proper water drainage to prevent slippery deck conditions
  • Water depth markings
  • Diving board and water slide restrictions

Municipal Pools

Municipalities that operate outdoor recreational pools for the public are responsible for providing a safe environment for swimmers of all ages. Diving board accidents, injuries from horseplay and accidents on slides and toy installation are frequent. We are not afraid to stand up to municipal insurance defense lawyers and fight aggressively to protect our clients’ rights.

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